Hold on, I haven’t seen the Hulk in a couple episodes. I wonder where…


Holy shit.

Did they leave him in SHIELD custody?

Seriously though.

I love Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but I have a huge problem with what happened to Bruce in Season 2. He basically gets framed and locked up before the secret invasion and nobody bothers to try to get him out of custody until 13 episodes later.

Then the other avengers think he’s gone crazy and they immediately turn their backs on him AGAIN ( cept’ Cap, bless his big heart). After that I’m not surprised Bruce/Hulk is not all that eager about rejoining the team.

In summery Nobody gets the shorter stick in A:EMH than Bruce Banner, the poor baby ;(


Entire playlist can be found here

Most fanmixes end up disappointing me, often because they’re usually full of current top 40 hits that scarcely relate to the topic or the collection as a whole simply fails to evoke the essence of the character, pairing or story. This one is different. This is the most satisfying fanmix I’ve encountered in years, period.

In addition to a fantastic choice of songs, whoisbuckybarnes arranged the playlist so as it plays you experience the full emotional range of The Winter Soldier’s arch, from his ferocious, bloodthirsty beginnings to his existential pain and finally his agonizing nostalgia and loss.

I can’t lavish enough praise to this. you need to do yourself a favor and listen to this NOW.

How the hell do I have followers!?

I’ve done diddly-squat with this blog since 2011. I post something like 10 times a year. 

If you want you can send me an ask and enlighten me, because I’m legitimately baffled. 



This may be the greatest fic I’ve ever read. Bless your heart, Bucky Barnes

Anonymous asked: why do you hate vampiremeerkat so much?


trigger warning for #rape and #molestation

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If you think her deviant art profile is bad, her personal blog is fucking nauseating. I’ve never come across so much ignorant, petty, intolerant vitriol in my entire life. 


Anybody have any fics to recommend where Bucky using the metal arm during SEX frickle frackle? It can be solo, slash with Steve would be great,or het with any female character. I seriously have been searching the internet for days with no luck. :(

I do believe this is relevent to your interests:


you’re welcome ;)


i really wanna know if the bucky reveal was like an actual holy shit reveal for people who didn’t know who the winter soldier was??? like was it completely unexpected and crazy or was it just like oh

I saw it two days ago and when Bucky’s mask comes off I swear some girl in the row in front of me just goes “what the FUUUCCCKKKK…”

Just because I am really curious


if you’re a girl and watch Achievement Hunter/Roosterteeth/LetsPlay can you reblog or like this? I want to see how many of us there are.

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Printing Adventures Part 3, or possibly the longest post ever (I actually maxed out my image limit). Today I try to explain how to use InDesign CS5 to make PDFs! It’s actually not too hard once you wrap your head around it, but new programs and processes can be intimidating. Following on from Part 1 (Colourspace) and Part 2 (DPI, bleed, resizing).

more printing in Indesign guidelines


Adventures in printing Part 2. It’s really long because there’s no easy way to explain these things. Today we look at some printing terms and how to size your files for print! Part 1 (Colourspace) here, and Part 3 (Making InDesign PDFs) here.

Great ref post for printing!

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